Multi Surface Eco Cloth

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Made from Grade A superior microfibre yarn their high fibre density means they clean better and easier than conventional microfibre cloths, and hang on to more dust and grime so you save time and effort.

  • Use up to 300 times
  • Easily washable
  • Utilises cleaning without chemicals
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Not only does this cloth clean better, it can save you money too. By reducing the need to stock household chemicals in your house you'll be surprised by how much you can save!

This cloth can be used up to 300 times! When it gets a little dirty, simply put it in the washing machine. Run it separately from clothes however, as the colours may run initially.

So, cleaning without chemicals means our cloths are kind to the planet, kind to your pocket and to you.

How to use:

Simply dampen with a small amount of water and wipe over hard surfaces. It can also be used as a duster. Can be used on all hard surfaces including tiles, stainless steel, cookers, glass, worktops and fridges.