Home Energy Efficiency Box 2

Brand: Tango Group

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A fantastic combination of energy-efficient products, designed to reduce energy consumption easily and instantly around the home. 

Make eco switches to reduce electricity and heating bills to start saving money instantly. This box contains:- 

  • EcoSavers Window Insulation Kit - The Window Insulation Kit from EcoSavers is developed for single-layer glass windows. With this kit, you can create an extra layer between the glass and the room. The air between the glass and the plastic window insulation film act as an insulator, similar to the double-glazed window systems. The film in this kit is 50% thicker than similar systems on the market which guarantees a much stronger and more durable installation of the film.

  • Ecosavers Water Saving Showerhead - Water-saving shower head. Saves water and the energy that heats the hot water. By the unique mixture of air and water, this water-saving showerhead can save up to 70% of water. Besides the saving of water, you save a lot of energy because much less water has to be heated up (by electricity, gas or oil), so you can achieve big savings. This water-saving showerhead gives 4-7 liters of water per minute at 2 – 5 bar water pressure (depending on your water and heating system).

  • EcoSavers One Touch Shower Timer - This one-touch water drop-shaped shower timer will have you in and out of the shower in no time, saving you lots of money and preventing the wastage of water. The suction cup fixes to tiles has a digital countdown timer and sounds the alarm once the countdown is up. The audible and flashing red light alarm will ensure all the family can save time and money easily. Simply select which of the four time-settings you'd like to apply and this little gadget will let you know when the time is up via the sound alarm and LED. 

  • EcoSavers Toilet Water Flow Stop - The Water Flow Stop is a weight you can hang on the flow tube inside your toilet tank. This weight brings down the flow tube as soon as you release the flush handle.

  • EcoSavers Fridge LED Alarm Light - This handy gadget warns you if your fridge is open after 10 seconds by flickering and after 20 seconds by flickering/buzzer. By replacing your normal E14 bulb (bulb most commonly used in fridges) with this device, you can save energy year-round. 

This box and its contents can be customised for corporate gifting purposes. Please speak to us to discuss your needs. 

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