EcoSavers Water Saving Faucet Aerator M24 & M22

Brand: EcoSavers

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The EcoSavers Aerator reduces the flow of water to 6 liters per minute by mixing the water with air, whilst keeping the flow out of your faucet (tap) rich and comfortable.

By reducing the water flow, water will be saved which will reduce water bills from the moment of installation. An added bonus is energy will also be saved as it takes a lot of energy to clean water.

This aerator provides a flow of 6 litres per minute at 3 bar water pressure.

The aerator comes with a 3mm thick and 1,5mm thick rubber ring to match almost all M24*1 male thread and M22*1 female threat faucets. Easy to install as it takes less than a minute to fit, so it makes water saving easy.

A fantastic water and energy-saving product that starts working immediately. 

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