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Welcome to Tango Group Limited, a company dedicated to developing and distributing alternative energy products to provide solutions used in everyday life.

Tango Group, the UK's leading Green, Eco Friendly, Alternative Energy product distributor, is proud to offer the latest in wind up radios, wind up torches, solar powered chargers, water powered clocks, calculators and a range of solar products.

We offer the latest in eco-friendly tech products, including wind up radios and torches, water powered clocks, calculators and a huge range of solar products.

We are proud to work with ethical suppliers including PowerPlus, Ecosavers, H2O, Horizon, PURE, Freeloader, and Power Monkey.  
  • We only work with innovative ideas and concepts
  • We only work with products that have patents or design rights granted or pending
  • We only work with product ranges that have real green or ethical credentials
  • We strive to innovate, create and think boldly about energy saving
  • When dealing with Tango Group, be it as a distributor, retailer or end consumer of our products, you will always find all of our staff to be helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable

We focus on energy saving and offer a wide range of energy saving devices. Our core brands include PowerPlus, Ecosavers, and H2O. 

We work closely with many alternative energy brands, and we are constantly adding to our current partners. For the best in water powered clocks, water powered calculators, wind up radios, wind up torches and solar powered products, make the Tango Group your choice.

Tango Group is constantly developing new products to add to its existing range of wind up radios, wind up torches, water powered products and solar powered range.

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