EcoSavers Water Flow Regulators (Pack of 3)

Brand: EcoSavers

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This pack of 3 EcoSavers Water Flow Regulators will save water, energy and money from the moment of installation.

The flow regulators for faucets (taps) reduces the water flow to 7 litres per minute and the shower regulator reduces the water flow to 7 litres per minute.

Without a regulator, 45 litres of water can go down the drain when you turn a tap on for three minutes. The faucet water regulators will drastically reduce this to a maximum of 18 litre.

This saves water, but as you know it takes energy to clean water and of course more energy to heat water and energy is expensive. On average, one water flow regulator will save you 3 m3 of water and 8 m3 of gas per year. The shower water regulator can save around 9 m3 of water and 63 m3 of gas.

For the faucets (taps), simply release the aerator by screwing the output end of your tap and add a flow regulator. Now the water which is going out of your faucet is limited to 7 litres per minute at 3 bar pressure.

For the shower flow regulator, simply release the shower hose from the showerhead and put the flow regulator between it. Connect the shower hose again to the showerhead and the water flow output of your shower is limited to 8 litres per minute at 3 bar.

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