Magnoballs Magnoballs

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The Magno Ball is an effective non-chemical way to remove limescale from washing machines and dishwashers. It acts by crystallising the limescale, making it impossible to stick to clothes, pipes, or heating elements.

  • Allergy friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Septic tanks safe
  • Innovative descaling technology

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    Once upon a time some very clever people discovered that when water's treated magnetically, calcium carbonate will not stick around, whence no limescale. Instead, the water flows freely.

    After this discovery, the Magno Ball was created.

    Wash your machine while your machine washes! Anti-limescale tablets are no longer needed thanks to these beauties. Plus, you'll use less detergent, and you can lower the washing temperature and still get your clothes and dishes clean! Magic.


    Do not use at temperatures above 40°, this product must be inspected for damage prior to use, do not use if there are any signs of damage.