Husky - Emergency Light Station

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The POWERplus Husky emergency light station ensures that your house or building always has a source of light.  
  • Wind-up & solar power torch
  • Can mount it on a wall
  • Glow in the dark feature
  • Two slots for emergency information
More info
The torch is solar powered and dynamo powered so you can either leave it near a light source to charge it by solar power, or simply wind it up to generate light. Both methods mean the torch does not need batteries so it's always reliable.
The Husky comes with two side slots used to store emergency information. With its glow in the dark feature, the Powerplus Husky gives you a reason to be calm in time of a power cut or emergency. It's always ready when needed most.
So if you would like an emergency station in your home for peace of mind, look no further than the Powerplus Husky.