POWERplus Koala Solar, Portable, Rechargeable LED Lantern & Power Bank

Brand: POWERplus

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The POWERplus Koala is a portable LED Lantern that can be recharged by both solar using its integrated solar panel or by an external USB using the cable supplied.

The Koala has two light modes. Use either as a bright white light or as attractive moving realistic flame effect light. It is very easy to switch between light modes by simply opening and closing the case.

  • Two light modes; ultra bright white and realistic flame effect 
  • Rechargable by USB or Solar
  • Integrated 6 mA solar cell 
  • Power bank function 5 Volt USB output 
  • Collapses into strong case for safe storage
  • 15 hours bright light on a full charge

The Koala is very practical. When not in use or when travelling it collapses into a strong case. Add another useful feature is that when you are off grid it can be powered not only buy the rechargeable battery supplied but also by 3 AAA batteries
The koala can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones under the devices.

Technical parameters:

  • Battery 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable 3.6V / 2.600 mAh
  • Solar cell PET Layer Solar Panel 5V/60 mA (0.3W) 

1 hour solar charging provides:

  • White light: 1 hour
  • Flame light: 3 hours 

Charging time by solar for full battery around 45 hours.
Charging time by USB for full battery around 6 hours.
USB output: 1A max. 

Light time fully charged battery:

  • White light: 15 hours
  • Flame light: 72 hours 

Material: ABS coated with TPR

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