POWERplus Racehorse Salt Water Powered Motor Cycle

Brand: POWERplus Junior

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A fantastic educational toy to teach children about alternative sources of energy.

A new addition to the Powerplus Junior range of incredible salt water-powered vehicles, the purpose of which is to educate children about alternative sources of energy. 

This futuristic motorcycle Fuel Cell bike runs on salt water alone! 
It includes 3 H2O fuel cell strips - each one runs for up to 4 hours - and drives in various patterns to guarantee hours of fun.

The Racehorse is a self-balancing motorcycle that uses unique saltwater fuel cell technology, just add some drops of salt water to the 2 fuel cells and the motor is running. It has 3 driving modes including straight run, right or left circling, and s-turns.

Because of the self-balancing nature of the design, the motorbike can run straight, circle left and right, and perform s turns. No batteries are required to operate this product; simply connect the included fuel cell and add a few drops of salt water.
It comes with a detailed DIY assembly guide and will provide hours of fun when completed. 

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