POWERplus Tiger High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Charger

Brand: POWERplus

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The POWERplus Tiger is a high-quality solar charger with a built-in voltage converter that generates an output of 5V (USB) and 12V.

  • Foldable solar charging panel
  • Suitable for a range of portable devices including mobiles and tablets
  • 12V cigarette-plug and USB
  • 5W, high-efficiency solar cell
  • Foldable, compact design
  • Simply face the panel towards direct sunlight and connect your chargeable device for direct charging of your mobile equipment.

    The foldable design is easy to carry and incredibly lightweight. Two solar cells rated 2.5W each which gives a total solar cell capacity of 5W, tested under STC (standard testing conditions).

    This product has an average maximum output of 3.5W in sunny conditions.


    Open solar panel: 28 x17 cm
    Opened total size with hooks: 47 x 24 cm
    Closed: 19 x 16 cm

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