POWERplus Shark Waterproof LED Dynamo Torch & Power Bank

Brand: POWERplus

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A fantastic waterproof, wind-up and rechargeable LED Flashlight and mobile phone charger! 

  • Wind-up charging option
  • Powerful LED flashlight
  • Mobile phone charger (USB connection & connector cables included)
  • Waterproof to 10 metres
  • Fully rechargeable

The Shark has 3 lighting modes:-

  1. 2 energy efficient 5mm LED's for extended shine time.
  2. 1 super-bright 1 Watt LED
  3. 1 watt LED Flashing

The Shark Torch includes an AC Charger and 7 mobile phone connectors to keep you powered up on the move. A powerful 1 Watt LED plus 2 x 5mm LEDs will ensure a bright beam at all times. The Shark can be powered by the wind-up dynamo which can charge even under water! It can also be charged by a 5 volt USB charger / port. The connecting cable is included in the pack.

The Shark has a heavy-duty rugged construction and as the name suggests and is at home around water being waterproof to a depth of 10 Metres.

It also doubles up as an emergency mobile phone charger and comes complete with a charging cable and 2 Adapters. Included are a micro usb adaptor and a female USB port adaptor, so vitually all models of mobile phone can be charged.

This is the perfect camping torch, offering both light and power for charging. 

Technical Details:
Life time 1W LED - 10.000 hours 5 MM LED - 80.000 hours
Shine time after 1 minute winding:
1W LED - 20 minutes, 5 MM LED - 60 minutes.
Talking time after 1 minute winding 2-8 minutes
Standby time after 1 minute winding 20-30 minutes
Charging time AC 8 hours
Shine time fully charged 1W LED - 8 hours, 5 MM LED - 60 hours

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